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Which destinations have reactivated their air connections with China in 2023?

Mabrian finds that the European capitals that have reactivated their China-related capacity most recently are the ones that have the most traditional European visits, such as Rome and Paris. Mabrian is a leading tourist intelligence company. This analysis comes after three years of China’s closed borders due to the pandemic.

After three years of closed borders for China due to the pandemic, this travel analysis is finally being done. This is not true for all destinations. There are three destinations that have seen their connectivity increase by 138%, 107%, and 6% this year compared to 2019. These three capitals have seen an increase in their connectivity with China of 138%, 107%, and 6% respectively compared to 2019.

Mabrian also finds that these capitals are some of Europe’s most visited capitals like Rome, Paris, and Madrid. These four cities have volumes that are between 72% to 90% lower than they were in the pre-pandemic period. This could be due to the large number of flights they registered in 2019, which may mean that it will take some time for them to recover. Mabrian emphasizes that the recovery of China’s market will be gradual, despite the high demand from its citizens to travel to other countries.

This process involves the activation of air connections. It will take some time for airlines redistribute and reschedule their capacity to meet demand. To make better planning decisions for the year, it is important to work closely with tourism intelligence.