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Stakeholders express concern about the proposed requirement for U.S. Department of Transportation to require first-page search results in its rulemaking on ancillary fee transparency.

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09 May Key Stakeholders Express concern about U.S. Department of Transportation’s proposed first-page search results requirement in Ancillary fee Transparency RulemakingPosted on 18:39h
Laura Chadwick, Travel Tech’s President and CEO, presented a coalition letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation hearing on the proposed “Enhancing Transparency of Airline Ancillary Service Fees Regulation” that was signed by U.S. Travel and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The letter also included the American Society of Travel Advisors, Global Business Travel Association, Hopper and Sabre. This letter expressed their concerns about the proposed rule’s requirement for first-page results. Chadwick stated during her testimony that the letter demonstrates, “in one document, the many stakeholders who have taken issue with this part the proposed rule.” The Computer & Communications Industry Association joined this letter recently as a signatory. In a letter sent by Chadwick to the Department, they ask for flexibility and innovation to be allowed in the way ancillary fees are presented to consumers as long as it’s early in the purchasing process.