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Consumer demand for travel credit cards is on the rise due to “Revenge Travel”.

  • by has released a new study that shows how credit card searches with a travel theme have recovered to pre-pandemic levels after plummeting during the pandemic years. This indicates the consumer’s desire for travel.
The 700% YoY growth in searches for the “best Aeroplan card” has been evident. Aeroplan credit cards are very popular in Canada because they allow consumers to earn points in the Aeroplan rewards programme.
The report shows that the search volume for general money-saving keywords increased by 20-30% between 2021 and 2022, which coincides with the rising cost of living.
“After two years of travel restrictions in Canada, revenge travel is alive and well.” According to David Boyd, Finty’s MD, revenge travel refers to the desire for people to travel more after being confined to their homes for most of the pandemic. Consumers can now travel to visit loved ones and attend events, as international borders are opening.