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Who We Are

Travel Data Collective is an analytics powered consultancy and data engineering firm. It’s our mission to lay the foundation for data driven decisions in the travel industry. We work from Amsterdam – Europe’s main data hub.

We empower travel companies to start using data science and engineering tools to support their decisions strategy and customer experience by implementing pragmatic solutions on top of the current data infrastructure.

What We Think

Online travel distribution channels such as, Airbnb and OTAs have mastered data activation and have unlocked unprecedented growth. Travel companies should apply similar solutions to keep up with this pace and achieve similar growth.

Travel companies have rich sets of commercial and customer data which can be easily extended. The biggest leaps forward can be made through the direct application of this data. In this sense, low hanging fruits carry the greatest weight.

What We Value

Collective stands for shared responsibility, risk and values. Our values define our personality, and are enforced through our strategic and daily decision making in working with our clients and hiring.