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7 Cannabis Travel Experiences for a High Start to the New Year

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Legalization of marijuana has brought it to the forefront, whether you live by the motto “puff, puff, pass” or are just interested in green. Marijuana tourism has become the latest trend in luxury, tailor-made vacations. This year, six more states are expected to vote on legalization. The Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain will also join Holland and make CBD legal for personal use.
There is still a lot red tape surrounding cannabis use, but the literal (and figurative) Pandora’s Box of weed has opened dramatically for visitors looking for a sativa infused getaway. Can you imagine yourself sipping on a cannabis-infused drink at your next high-end dinner party? Why not take a girls’ getaway to the “Napa valley of weed”? By the way, you can always go to to get a pack of different interesting products for purchase. We’ve compiled a list of the best weed holidays that will satisfy the “highest end high.”
#1 – CBD Infused Cocktails in Madison on Park, San Diego, California
Madison on Park is the place to go for a luxurious night out. Mr. Nice Guy costs $18 and is made with cannabidiol. CBD oil is cold-pressed cannabis oil that has minimal or no psychoactive effects. It is also claimed to have medical benefits, ranging from anxiety relief to pain treatment. Mr. Nice Guy is a concoction created by the bar’s manager. It contains mezcal oil, matcha powder, coconut milk and lime. If this isn’t the CBD ingredient combination you prefer, you can add $5 worth of CBD oil to any drink on the Build Your own Old Fashioned menu.
#2 – Serra Dispensary, Portland, Oregon
Do you still associate a visit to a dispensary as a long, dark hallway, beaded curtains and neon mushroom posters. Serra is a dispensary inspired by greenhouses that is one of the most beautiful places we’ve seen. The flagship location of the brand is located in an historic 1889 building in Portland’s Old Town district. The people running it say it is “an experienced, curated CBD retail store that rethinks and redefines progressive pot culture.”
# 3 – Legendary Cannabis Coffeehouse Culture in Amsterdam, Holland
Amsterdam has always been and will remain a popular destination for marijuana pilgrims. Since 1976, Dutch legislators introduced a new approach towards soft drugs. Tolerance has become the norm in the Netherlands. Around 250 coffee shops in Amsterdam are allowed to sell the sticky icky. Over 2 million tourists visit Amsterdam each year to enjoy the cannabis coffee shops.
#4 – Jupiter Hotel – First Cannabis-Friendly Deal in Portland, Oregon
The Jupiter Hotel in Southeast Portland, Oregon is a boutique-style hotel. Architectural Digest has praised the hotel for its high-end design at a reasonable cost. It is the first hotel in Oregon that offers a cannabis-friendly package for visitors. The package includes a Munchie kit with a vape pen and a copy Dope Magazine. It also offers a discount at local dispensaries. The packages are easy to use, even though there is no CBD or smoking in the rooms.
#5 – First Hotel Dispensary in West Hollywood, California: Lord Jones
Hollywood is, as usual at the forefront of cannabis culture change. Stay at The Standard Hollywood and experience the first ever hotel dispensary, in collaboration with Lord Jones’ famed culinary elegance. We’ve heard this includes weed infused travel-size bottles of shampoo and CBD chocolates on guest pillows.

#5 – Weed Bars at Weddings (Alaska, California, etc.)
If you want Sativa to be at your wedding, then you’ll need to fly to Alaska or California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts Nevada, Oregon and Washington where marijuana bars are legally allowed. Couples can choose from wedding planners who specialize in cannabis planning. They can also hire bow tie-clad budtenders to manage the open pot bar or even high-end transportation services with a joint rolling concierge. There are websites that offer inspiration for planning a CBD-infused event.
#6 – My 420 tours: Completely curated cannabis experiences (Denver Colorado)
Cannabis tour providers have appeared in the Mile High City, even though this information is not available on the Colorado State Board of Tourism website. My 420 Tours has workshops that range from “Cannabasics sommelier” to “Sushi and Joint Rolling,” or you can gather your friends for an entire weekend of CBD-focused activities. This includes 420-friendly accommodations, Grow & dispensary tours, workshops and cannabis cooking classes.
#7 – Nipton CA: First Town owned by a Cannabis Firm in Nipton, California
American Green, the biggest publicly listed cannabis company in the United States purchased the village Nipton in 2016 for $5 million, only 60 miles south from Las Vegas. The startup plans to start by bottling CBD-laced water, a cannabis component that is associated with pain and inflammation reduction. American Green plans to attract similar businesses such as CBD and Mineral Spas, Dispensaries, Artist-in-Residence Programs, Gourmet Events, and Bed-and-Breakfasts to “complete the delightful experience of small town.”
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